Rise with Zen Sai

Holistic Health and Personal Development Coaching

The Coaching platform Rise with Zen Sai was created by Philly Naidoo, the owner of D’Vida Wellness Spa and Holistic Health and Personal Development Coach.

Coaching sessions focus on trauma healing, physical health (managing and coping with diseases and health conditions and making healthy lifestyle changes), emotional health, mental health and personal development for men, women and young adults.

One on one coaching sessions are available in person or online. A 15minute free consultation can be booked to discuss the clients requirements and ascertain if this is the right approach to work through the problem.

The following can be achieved from a coaching session:

  • Mastering the mind, body and soul connection.
  • Transcending trauma and limiting belief patterns that prevent growth and emotional and mental freedom.
  • Learning tools to improve health holistically, manage stress and create harmony throughout keys areas of life.
  • Personal Development, Time Management, Visionary work and Goal setting and tracking.

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